Functional assessment

Functional assessment involves analysing the patient's movement while performing specific movement tasks. Parameters such as range of motion, muscle flexibility
stabilisation, balance and muscle strength. The physiotherapist observes the patient while performing the movement, assessing the whole biokinematic chain - that is, the quality of movement in many joints
at the same time. Thanks to the detailed observation, we try to detect the so-called weak links, which may influence the disturbance of the biomechanics of particular movements. For example, a reduced range of movement
in the ankle joint as a result of an injury in the past, may affect the biomechanics of performing a squat, so that the lack of movement in the ankle joint is compensated for by
excessive forward bending of the trunk, which obviously puts more strain on the lumbar spine. If such a person performs squats frequently without paying attention to biomechanics,
will increase the risk of injury to the lumbar spine. Thanks to a detailed assessment, we are able to individually select compensatory and corrective exercises that will reduce the risk of a serious injury. It is recommended both for people who practice sport intensively, as well as for those who want to start their adventure with sport in a safe way.

ocena funkcjonalna u fizjoterapeuty w Poznaniu

Medical training

Medical training is a training that aims to prepare the body for full physical fitness. Thanks to correction of weak links, improvement of the quality of movement, i.e. biomechanics and such parameters as endurance of stabilising muscles, muscular-fascial elasticity, proprioception, coordination, we achieve a real reduction of the risk of injury and overloading. Medical training is also functional training, because its aim is also to improve the functioning of our body. It is an excellent supplement for professional athletes, an appropriate preparation for people starting their adventure with sport or increasing their training load, and for people after injuries. It can also be treated as a continuation of rehabilitation after orthopaedic operations.

trening medyczny pod okiem fizjoterapeuty