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Dominik Krajewski

mgr in physiotherapy

I am a physiotherapist, founder of Human4Human. Physiotherapy and helping patients fight their ailments are my passion. I have gained experience both in individual work with patients in the office, in leading Polish orthopaedic clinics and with professional athletes, including those at Olympic level in Poland and abroad. I specialise in the therapy of musculoskeletal ailments and rehabilitation after orthopaedic surgeries. Special areas of interest are the therapy of pain syndromes of the spine, overloading of joints and muscles, conditions after injuries of lower limbs and rehabilitation after orthopaedic surgery, especially of the knee joint and spine.

All the time I try to expand my knowledge and develop my skills to better help my patients, so in 2018 I started studying osteopathy. My passions outside of work are sport, travel and music.


08.2011- currently: individual physiotherapy practice
07.2017- currently: physiotherapist at LUX MED group in Poznan
01.2015 – 06.2017: physiotherapist at Carolina Medical Center in Warsaw
01.2015 – 05.2016: physiotherapist of the Polish National Weightlifting Team

03.2012-06.2012 and 03.2013-05.2013: internship and work at Neride Tennis Club and Fyziozone Clinic in Prague, Czech Republic
03.2011-06.2011: intern in Rehasport Clinic in Poznań


Bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy at the University of Physical Education in Poznań. 2008-2011.
Master’s degree in physiotherapy at the University of Physical Education in Poznan and Charles University in Prague. 2011-2013.
4.5-year postgraduate studies in osteopathy at the Academy of Osteopathy in Poznań (in progress).



Year of completion Course Training/Course name Instructor
In progress  4,5 years postgraduate osteopathic studies Academy of Osteopathy
2017 Manipulations of fascia according to Stecco Level II. dr Jarosław Ciechomski D.O., Michał Sternak M.D.
2017 Manipulations of fascia according to Stecco Level I. dr Antonio Stecco MD, PhD, Francesco Pacenza P.T.
2017 Rehabilitation in selected spinal dysfunctions – course with elements of anatomical demonstrations on unfixed preparations Prof. Bogdan Ciszek MD, PhD, Dariusz Straszewski, MA, Tomasz Jurkiewicz D.O.
2016 Manual techniques for the treatment of lumbar discopathy in the acute phase R. Słoniak M.A., T. Tittinger M.A.
2014 Pilates-Core Method.. Body Balanced Pilates School Anna Ścisłowska MA
2013 Polish Nordic Walking Federation instructor Edyta Kędzierska. PFNW.
2012 FMS and functional training in sport and physiotherapy dr Remigiusz Rzepka
2012 Research, diagnostics and treatment of lower back and sacroiliac joint dysfunctions Maciej Jurasz, M.Sc
2011 Deep Tissue Massage M. Wytrążek, M.Sc. WSEiT
2010  Course of massage: classic, sports, relaxation, isometric, contralateral and lymphatic drainage
2009 Algorithms of treatment in lower limb injuries Dr Paweł Korman D.O. Dr Łukasz Czubaszewski D.O.

1. active participation:
a. Lecturer at the national physiotherapy symposium Active Spine. Topic: Spine in office workers.
in office workers. CEMED Medical Education Centre, Warsaw 26.06.2015.
b. Lecturer at the national conference and workshop Football Injuries. Topic: the athlete’s groin.
CEMED Medical Education Centre, Warsaw 16.04.2015.
2. passive participation:
a. II International Congress Soft tissues in physiotherapist practice. Warsaw, 03.11.2016
b. Physiotherapy symposium Shoulder Rim. Centre for Medical Education CEMED, Warsaw
c. VII National Conference on Sports Medicine. Medical University, Poznań 29.03.2014
d. Scientific Congress of the Polish Society of Sports Medicine Medical aspects in selected
sports disciplines. Poznań, 18-20 October 2012.
e. Scientific and training conference: Shoulder girdle and humeral joint – osteopathic repositioning techniques
AORT. Medical Postgraduate Training Pakt, Katowice 21.01.2012.


Polish (mother tongue)
English (advanced level)
Czech (basic level)